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Director: Tim Burton Genre: Comedy Year: 1994 Length: 127 minutes Language: English Subtitles: Size of file(s): 698 MBs Audio: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) @ 131kbps Video: 640x352 pixels; 23,976fps; Xvi D MPEG-4 Codec @ 656kbps A biopic of the life and work of the legendary 'worst director of all time', Edward D.

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The family itself is part of the Vory V Zakone criminal brotherhood.

Deep in the jungles of Panorama Island, Hirosuke's obsessed father has been conducting a series of bizarre medical experiments in hopes of finding a cure for his disfigured wife.

But success has eluded the crazed scientist, and all that his experiments have yielded is an abominable dominion populated by repulsive, half-human/half-man hybrids.

Soon after escaping the asylum where he is being held against his will, Hirosuke is shocked to see a picture of his spitting image in the newspaper.

Now, as Hirosuke assumes the identity of a dead man in order to travel to remote Panorama Island and unlock the secrets of his family past, the grotesque truth that awaits him will forever alter his perception of the natural world.

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