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I was advised that all nations today demand quality of treatment and warned that the prospect of the survival of Western civilization depends on the West practicing equality now and abandoning in the next GA its outmoded policy of discrimination.If the US continues its old course the Iraqis expect to see in North Africa and throughout Asia a violent reaction to old ideologies and an increasing eagerness of these people to turn to Communism as the only alternative to the former shining but now corroded democratic ideal.I was warned too that in the Orient where grudges are nurished and blood feuds flourish not to believe that lapse of time will change Arab attachment to Palestine, or that the young generation will hold different views or that US loans and grants will cause Arabs to forget and forgive.French and British imperialism in North Africa regularly was the second subject introduced by Iraqis.I found that our good works were not known or when known were interpreted by our enemies as being undertaken for nefarious purposes.Area defense was a subject where the chief interest was to reject the concept of Western participation.But Zionism was something else which was cruelly selfish and dangerously aggressive.

On the other hand, a MEDO in Cyprus developing healthfully, with Iraqi Government informed of its development on continuing basis, can have a growing fascination for the Iraqi military and through them improve the likelihood of eventual association of Iraqi Government.The development of natural resources generally came up next for discussion although Foreign Minister Jamali and a few others gave third place to the advancement of Fertile Crescent idea. The Prime Minister said it was „nothing“ while other Ministers, generally sympathetic, said it had had little impact to date.The more critical complained that we had oversold the program for two years and ended by creating a housing shortage in Baghdad to provide homes for TCA personnel.The pathological unanimity of this expression caused me to sympathize with members of Development Board who fear that the several years necessary to complete their major projects may not be accorded them by a people impatient for results.It caused me to share the concern of Foreign Minister who said that the Government has no effective propaganda machinery, that there is not a single Arab language pro-Western newspaper in Iraq, and therefore those who hold pro-Western views ae shy while others who hold anti-Western views shout them out.

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