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Julie is seventeen years old by the time of the season seven episode "Mr. Trying to become an actress during the season eight episode "Mr.

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Monk Goes to a Fashion Show", when Julian Hodge (Malcolm Mc Dowell) invites her to participate in his fashion show, despite her young age. When Monk discovers that Hodge murdered models Clea Vance and Natasia Zorelle, Natalie forbids her daughter to participate in the show, causing Julie to run away from home to be in the show. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy", Julie teaches Monk how to use her computer.

When he brings it to the station while the FBI is trying to trace a call from a killer, he plugs it in along with the other computers.

In the middle of the meeting, Monk intercepts an email from one of Julie's friends, and responds to it.

Hence, starting with season seven, Monk gets a new therapist, Dr.

Neven Bell, portrayed by Hector Elizondo, who remained for the final two seasons.

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