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‘I’m absolutely neutral, I will not say who I support, Hillary or Trump. The movie she made as a comeback in 1978 was astonishingly daring for its time, a soft-core erotic story in which she has sex in a lift then on a swing over a swimming pool.

The Stud looks tame now, which only goes to show how much more explicitly sex is shown on the movie screen these days, because of what else is available online.‘I don’t watch porn, but I’ve heard that it is so vile, and the things they do are so abhorrent. ’ I said, “Yes Ava, and can you believe we had one outside our house?

Red, very red." Nadia Pascal described painful "white streaks" running down the back of her exposed legs after the acid was hurled.

Three of Collins' victims took to the witness stand to read their victim impact statements when Collins returned to court to be sentenced.

Three victims were temporarily blinded - one of whom still suffers from blurred vision in one eye.

Kwami Licorish told jurors: "I was on the dance floor with a few friends and I remember feeling a splash to my face, my eyes were burning, my face was burning.

Collins is Hollywood royalty and looks positively regal as she glides across the lobby of a luxury hotel in the South of France in white Chanel dress slashed with black stripes, wearing huge sunglasses and a wide, floppy hat. I don’t need to keep working – I can always sell a property, but I enjoy working if it is the right thing.’They don’t necessarily need her money, she says. My daughter Tara [a TV presenter] is doing very well. Collins plays an elderly former Hollywood star now stuck in a retirement home who escapes to the funeral of the man she loved half a century before.‘I wanted to play her with no make-up, but the director wanted her with a bit of make-up, badly done.

Dame Joan Collins, honoured with the title last year for her services to charity, is now setting out to remind us of her skills in films and on stage.The movies today have to compete.’ She is scathing about modern movies and the damage they do. That’s why we have so many knife and gun crimes because of these movies and computer games. ”’Yes, she has made a living from acting for nearly 70 years now, even if the most compelling character she has created has been that of the public Joan Collins herself.These young men who commit crimes are always hooked on computer games.’Bizarrely, she then rounds on another sensation of our age. Already three people have been killed, going over the edge of a cliff or something. And as she departs I am reminded of something Alexis once said in Dynasty: ‘I’m what I am, and that’s why I’m where I am.Collins appeared on television shows like Batman and Star Trek and made a couple of notorious soft-core movies called The Stud and The Bitch, based on her sister’s books, while married to Kass, but her big comeback was playing Alexis the super-schemer in Dynasty from 1981-89. ‘The show went from almost being cancelled to the top of the ratings and everybody said, “It’s because of you! Does she regret coming out so strongly in favour of Brexit before the referendum? We have a new Prime Minister, who seems OK, but why would we regret something that hasn’t happened yet?”’So given she based Alexis on Trump, will she be supporting him for the presidency, as was recently reported? ’This may not be a good time to mention a previous controversy in her career, The Stud.

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