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With Palmer's departure, Hodgson and Davies wrote and composed separately for this and the band's subsequent albums.A search for new members brought aboard Dougie Thomson (bass), who had done stand-in gigs with the band for almost a year before auditions resumed. Formerly of Supertramp, Roger sang and wrote many of that band’s biggest hits, including ’Take The Long Way Home’, ’The Logical Song’, ’Give A Little Bit’, ’Dreamer’, ’Breakfast In America’, ’Fool's Overture’ and many others.Roger is currently on his world tour performing a variety of shows with band, with orchestra and solo.Stylistically, the album was fairly typical of progressive rock of the era and Supertramp's sound bore obvious similarity to their British progressive rock predecessor Cressida.Dave Winthrop (flute and saxophone) joined the group after the release of the first record and soon after Supertramp performed at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.In 1973, auditions restarted and introduced Bob Siebenberg (initially credited as Bob C.

For the next album, Indelibly Stamped, released in June 1971 in both the UK and US, Frank Farrell (bass) and Kevin Currie (percussion) replaced Palmer and Millar, while Hodgson switched to guitar and Davies served as a second lead singer.

Hodgson would also begin introducing compositions featuring keyboards (particularly the Wurlitzer electric piano) in the band in addition to guitar.

This lineup of Supertramp would remain in place for the next ten years.

During this period, the band permanently relocated to Los Angeles, California.

The band's switch to a more pop-oriented approach peaked with their most popular album, Breakfast in America, released in March 1979, which reached number 3 in the UK and number 1 in the United States and Canada and spawned four successful singles (more than their first five albums combined): Three of Hodgson's songs, "The Logical Song" (number 1 Canada, number 6 US, number 7 UK), "Take the Long Way Home" (number 5 Canada, number 10 US, not released in UK), and "Breakfast in America" (number 9 UK, number 62 US, not released in Canada) and Davies' "Goodbye Stranger" (number 5 in Canada, number 15 US, number 57 UK), were the standout singles from the album.

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