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Users can provide their feedback and suggestions in the BSE changelog thread.

Be sure to look there for current known issues, suggestions, plans, and completed work related to the BSE.

This new BSE site will be more maintainable and customizable, standardized to the Python programming language.

The old site, while functional, was convoluted and hard to maintain.

Feel free to leave comments in the Song Release thread.Keeping in theme with R^3, Spin it UP is ditching Flash, and has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Alt Engine Leaderboards are a new leaderboard system, which automatically tracks and ranks all alternate engine scores.To play Spin it UP: Mobile on your Android device, tap to download the below, and install it using “APK Installer” from the Google Play Store. We’re hoping to collect your feedback on device compatibility and general experience. New alternate engines won’t appear visible to the public until they are unhidden by an FFR administrator.Head Banger Musician: AKIMO Step Artist: hi19hi19 Song Genre: Rock Style: Metal Difficulty: 89 Song Length: Wonder Wing Musician: Sakuzyo Step Artist: Dark Ztar Song Genre: Misc Style: Artcore Difficulty: 73 Song Length: - The Game Management Team Happy New Year, FFR!We know we just had a songs release, but we wanted to kick off 2018 by surprising you with another!

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