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It need not be used in personal, familial, and social life, but it is required on formal occasions and documents.

Members of the Sikh faith usually adopt a new last name upon initiation into the Khalsa, which takes place through the , April 13 1699.

It is common for those converting to a new religion to change their name on conversion.

Many wish for a new start on converting, and therefore choose to take a new name that represents their adopted religious beliefs.

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In addition, those taking religious orders usually take a 'name in religion'.Another well known case of a convert to Islam changing his name is that of famous pop singer 'Cat Stevens' who adopted the name 'Yusuf Islam' after becoming a Muslim.There are many different views among Jews regarding the conversion process and particular conversion processes will vary.It is common for converts to Islam to choose an Islamic name on conversion, although it is not usually compulsory.One situation in which a change of name may be formally required is one in which the convert's original name is doctrinally contrary to the teachings of Islam.

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