Soul dating club

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Not long after I did this, I met my wonderful husband who fulfilled everything on my “Man Wanted” list and more, so it shows that the universe applauds action and doesn’t necessarily bring the result in the way you expect.Get your intentions right and the rest is actually really simple.Take this first step and take control over your love life.Find a reputable online dating site like e Harmony or and sign up as a paid member for at least three months.

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“Getting ready” for a new relationship could mean: If you think you have serious emotional blocks that you need to deal with first, I recommend talking to a good therapist or coach.

Why is marriage still so popular despite the divorce rate?

Because humans are hardwired to want and crave love and physical connection with others!

Love is a personal development issue – it’s virtually the greatest experience we can have.

If love isn’t such a big deal, why are most movies and songs written about it?

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