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One marker of the booming sex industry in Shenzhen---both in terms of prostitutes and misstresses---is the high number of children born out-of-wedlock.

China has roughly 4 million to 6 million sex workers, according to a 2010 World Health Organization paper, and they can be found in every city, working out of hair salons, karaoke bars, hotels, massage parlors, bars, barber shops and on the street.

When police officers do round up prostitutes, they might detain them for long periods in systems of extralegal punishment, including one called “custody and education,” in which those held are forced to do labor.

Nothing but factories, gangsters, fat officials, and whores.

Fucking Dongguan." He forgot hideous, speculative real-estate developments. Even small cities have their own entertainment districts.

One 22-year-old prostitute told the Washington Post, “Though the price has gone down, the number of customers is up. it’s because of money that I became “bad,” and joined the business.” China’s first brothels were likely established in the Spring-and-Autumn period (770 B. It is clear that the institution of government-run prostitution reached its peak in the Tang (A. However, the prostitutes working in privately owned brothels mainly provided sexual services. Only one month after the Communist army took control of Beijing (Peking) on February 3, 1949, the new municipal government announced a policy of limiting and controlling the brothels.

I used to receive two visitors before, and now I have to do three to four a day. I just have to work a little harder.” The rise in prostitution is more a manifestation of a lack of well-paying jobs than a loss morality. [Source: Zhonghua Renmin Gonghe Guo, Fang-fu Ruan, M. Less that eight weeks after the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1,1949, more than 2,000 Beijing policemen raided and closed all 224 of the city’s brothels, arresting 1,286 prostitutes and 424 owners, procurers, and pimps. In Shanghai, China’s most populous city, there were 5,333 arrests of prostitutes between 19.

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